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The purpose of this buying guide is to help you find the best stationary bike for your home gym

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The Stationary Bike has long been a staple of many workout regimens, whether in a home gym or commercial gym. It was one of the first cardio machines available to give people a low-impact alternative to running and treadmills. And the models continue to evolve to give different workouts. A simple example: you will get a different type of workout on a upright stationary bike than with a reclining recumbent stationary bike

So how should you go about buying a stationary bike? Follow along in our guide! First, let’s discuss why you would want a stationary bike.

how to buy a stationary bike

What Is A Stationary Bike?

A stationary bike or sometimes called an exercise bike or exercycle is a device used by many to lose weight at the comfort of their homes. It’s a device that has pedals, saddle and handlebars that are arranged like a bicycle. It is primarily used by cyclists to warm up before a race. Stationary bikes are used to increase general fitness. In medical institutions, it has long been used for physical therapy. It’s a low impact exercise machine that doesn’t put so much stress or emphasis on your joints and it does not need sporadic motions. It is fairly safe and most of all, an effective cardiovascular exercise.

You can buy an exercise bike for anywhere between $200 and $2000. Pricier machines will be sturdier, more durable, and have a lot more serious features. Cheap stationary bikes can be just as durable, just without all the features.

Benefits Of A Stationary Bike

While running is still considered the king of all cardiovascular exercise, bicycling is a fantastic alternative. It is easier on the joints and can be a fantastic upper body and lower body workout. Depending on the model you buy and the body position you are in when you bicycle, you can really vary your workout.

Some Features Of A Stationary Bike

Dual-Action Stationary Bikes: Its handlebars are moving back and forth synchronized with pedaling.It provides additional toning to the upper body and increased overall aerobic intensity of the exercise with constant motion of the arms. Additional amenities of the dual action bikes are built-in fans, it partially cools user and also as a resistance mechanism. Most dual action bikes are positioned upright, though recumbent models also exist but not much.

Resistance Type: Similar to rowing machines, stationary bikes have three types of resistance: in order of lowest price to highest price (and lowest quality to highest quality): belt resistance, magnetic resistance and fan (or wind) resistance. Additionally, you may find what are called Indoor cycle bikes which use actual chains and pedal resistance to mimic outdoor bicycling.

Programming: If you want to really vary your workout, you can find stationary bikes that will offer a variety of training programs. This is especially handy to be able to serve a wide variety of demographics and fitness levels

Program Display: easy to read and easy to use. Some of them will give you a lot of stats such as heart rate, calories used, speed, RPM, and more

Interactive Display: It is the combination of technology and health benefits. It has built-in televisions, computer and music players. Interactive bikes are also available in recumbent and upright built. This machine offers more amenities like any other bike for it can track speed and distance in addition to its high tech capabilities. Because of all the additional amenities that this machine has, it is way more expensive than the other types of stationary bikes.

Heart-Rate Monitor: For those looking to really monitor workouts, having a heart rate monitor can be very handy.

Safety: Some stationary bikes have a number of safety features built in whether for you or for keeping certain movable parts out of children’s reach.

Comfortable Seat: Similar to when you are choosing a regular bicycle, for a stationary bike you will want to have a comfortable and sturdy seat for your workouts.

Frame Adjustability: Stationary bikes will have fixed frames, so to be able to fit a large number of body types having adjustments available for seats and handlebars will help you obtain an optimal and comfortable position for your workouts. If the stationary bike will be in a household, ease of adjustability will likely be important so all your family members can workout on the bike.

Resistance Adjustability: To create even better workouts, you will want to have adjustable resistance on your stationary bikes.

Warranty: There are a lot of moving parts to a stationary exercise bike. Fortunately, no motor though there can be some complicated parts on the higher end stationary bikes. Knowing the warranty on the stationary bike will be helpful, whether 90 days to lifetime. And check what parts are under warranty as well.

That Concludes This Portion Of Our Buying Guide

Now that you know a brief overview of why you would want a stationary bike, we will go into the types of stationary exercise bikes next in How To Buy The Best Stationary Bike Part 2: Upright Bikes, Recumbent Bikes, and More

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